Auburn, California


Tell people a little about you and your background.

I’m a mother of two strong, independent, intelligent

teenage daughters and have owned a private preschool

for the past 18 years. My hobbies include, Obstacle course

racing, trail running, Crossfit and soccer. I have a passion

for living life to the fullest and not letting adventure pass me by.

First OCR or Mud Run Event? Share your thoughts of how you got into it, what got you hooked, and what your favorite thing is about it.
My first OCR was in January of 2015 and I fell in love with the sport immediately. I found it was the one place I could escape "adulting" and I absolutely love the OCR Community! Strong, determined, badass athletes with a love and respect for living a healthy lifestyle. My favorite thing about OCR is that ever race is different.... the competition, the venue, the distance and the weather conditions. At anytime in any race things can change and anything is possible. I love that you get out of OCR exactly what you put into it and the community is like an extended family.

Plans for the 2018?

My goals for 2018 is to feel happy, healthy and energetic! I also hope to continue to compete in ultra endurance events and play around with Crossfit competitions a little more.

Finishes or achievements you would like to share?

Currently ranked 24th in the US Spartan point series. 1st place finish in New Jersey Ultra Beast, 2nd place finish in Dallas, Texas Ultra Beast, 3rd place finish in Hawaii Ultra Beast and a 10th place finish in the Spartan Ultra World Championships in Iceland.

Your favorite obstacle?
My favorite obstacles are the rope climb and the Hercules Hoist. I also like the monkey bars (thanks to my DGEAROG gear) and the barb wire crawl.

Your least favorite obstacle?
The spear throw has a way of getting the best of me and is probably my least favorite.

Why you like DGEAROG and our gloves?

I love the DGEAROG gloves because they help make the bucket carry less painful and protect my hands while helping with grip. The gloves are also a must have on rainy/ high moisture days..... they really help prevent slipping off wet bars and rigs.

Other teams you are a part of or sponsorships that you'd like to share or tell about?
I’m blessed to be sponsored by Total Nutrition Sacramento, Drywear Apparel and Biogenesis

People can follow me where?
IG nicholeroot & Facebook NicholeRoot