Spartan Race


Tell people a little about you and your background.

Growing up, I was an active healthy kid, from school

dance company to a traveling performance group, I was

moving. As time went on, I became active and

complacent. I was a step mother to three and mother to

two girls of my own all while building my aesthetic

clientele in a busy salon.  Life was crazy and I made no

time for exercise. After the tragic death of my step son in 2010, I had to overcome the hardship of a marriage that soon fell through. It was a crushing time emotionally, but I knew in my heart that I didn't love myself, and I needed to change. I hired a trainer that gave me motivation, purpose and a strict routine/diet to follow. I lost approximately 30-40 lbs and gained lean muscle and never quit. As my fitness journey progressed, I had doubters that were hard to ignore but I persevered.  I did my first Spartan in Feb of 2015. It changed me forever! I was given a second chance.

First OCR or Mud Run Event? Share your thoughts of how you got into it, what got you hooked, and what your favorite thing is about it.
Spartan race AZ  in Feb 2015 was my first OCR. I had accepted the challenge and sought help to train for such a race. I found PHOENIX EVOLUTION FITNESS. Lead by Lashay Marks and Co. He has shown me that I CAN overcome these obstacles placed before me. An amazing coach and friend. He helped me fall in love with OCR! I needed change in my life... I have learned to love myself more and push myself more, because I believe in myself more. I had never had a confidence like I get from completing an obstacle filled race! You know the feeling. ;)

Finishes or achievements you would like to share
Happy to say that I've participated in many different events including Battlefrog, Terrain Race, Rugged Maniac, Spartan Trifecta 2015, Warrior Dash, and more.

Plans for 2018?

My race season begins Feb 3rd with Mercenary Wars here in AZ. The following weekend is SPARTAN super and sprint. I am also signed up for Tough Mudder and Terrain race. I am planning to open my own business (not in Fitness) this spring, so not sure what other races I’ll get in, but i like spontaneous race weekends so we shall see. I’m also interested in trying a GORUCK event this year. And train train train!

Your favorite obstacle
Rope climb ( although i failed my first climb in COLORADO 2017 ) it’s still my fave.

Your least favorite obstacle
Rigs, but I’m gonna do my best to make them a favorite

Why you like DGEAROG and our gloves?
My day job is in skin care, so blisters and torn hands are not an option. So I use gloves MOST of the time. Dgearog gloves fit me nicely and the loops are a saver for quick removal in a racing situation!

Other teams you are a part of or sponsorships that you'd like to share or tell about?
• I am apart of @TeamSocialMisfits: a group of athletes from all levels across the world that join challenges for charity and keeping others motivated in fitness.

• Vitalsox ambassador this year is new, a great company and amazing socks!

• 4evrft ambassador this year also, a small company that creates fun Fitness wear and custom work also!

People can follow me where?
Instagram: mkeller6 Facebook: Maria Ramirez-Keller Snapchat: mkeller6

Additional Information?

I’m just a mom in love with obstacle racing and fitness and supporting others in their fitness endeavors.