Tell people a little about you and your background
I always grew up being athletic. I enjoyed playing sports and

being active. I went off to college and gained a ton of weight.

I definitely gained my "freshman 15" plus some. I came across

obstacle course racing 6 years later and fell in love fitness all

over again. I lost all the weight and built muscle back up. I have

competed in several different races and now have a passion for

health and fitness. I am on a daily journey and am striving to

keep getting better.

First OCR or Mud Run Event? Share your thoughts of how you got into it, what got you hooked, and what your favorite thing is about it.
My first OCR was Spartan Race at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. My husband had ran one and convinced me to "try it out". I fell in love with it! I loved the teamwork and entire atmosphere that I was surrounded by. What got me hooked was the fact that I was pushing myself further than I ever imagined I could. I wanted to keep getting better and to complete a new obstacle every day.

Plans for 2017?
Become a mother as my husband and i are expecting a child.

Finishes or achievements you would like to share.
I completed my first Spartan Trifecta this season and have placed at least top 6 in my age group in all of the races I have competed in this season.

Your favorite obstacle
Sandbag Carry

Your least favorite obstacle
Bucket Carry

Why you like DGEAROG and our gloves?

They help with my grip and protect my hands from getting injured. They provide great support and have helped my training tremendously.

Other teams you are a part of or sponsorships that you'd like to share or tell about?
ManDown USA, Oral IV, GripSling, Motiv8 Performance

People can follow me where?
@erica.vernon instagram. Erica Vernon facebook