Tell people a little about you and your background
I grew up as a country girl loving the outdoors. I was always

active and enjoyed playing sports and I excelled in soccer.

After running cross country my senior year of high school, I

swore I would never run again....but, in 2012 I picked it back


First OCR or Mud Run Event? Share your thoughts of how you

got into it, what got you hooked, and what your favorite

thing is about it?
The first race I ever registered for was Tough Mudder with coworkers. When I found out it was 12 miles I decided I better train. I didn't even know what "obstacles" were, so I registered for a local race called Hog Wild Mud Run to find out. Hog Wild was a great experience and I was instantly hooked! It was an adrenaline rush like none I had felt before and it pushed me to expand my skill set and start training on my areas of weakness.

Plans for 2016?
2016 goals include racing in 4 countries (including the US) and a minimum of 8 different states. The ultimate goal for the year is to go back to the OCR World championships to defend my title as the top woman competitor in the 30-34 age bracket.

Finishes or achievements you would like to share?
In addition to being the 2015 World Champ for the 30-34 age range, I have had podium finishes at a number of races. I won Wadi Adventure race in the Middle East, was the first female to keep an Elite band at Strong Viking in the Netherlands. I was 5th in the BattleFrog point series in 2015. Best career finishes include multiple podium spots at major race series to include Savage Race, Spartan Race, BattleFrog, Terrain Race, Conquer the Gauntlet and numerous local events.

Your favorite obstacle
Platinum Rig

Your least favorite obstacle
Heavy carries

Why you like DGEAROG and our gloves?
The gloves have a great texture when wet or dry. They work well on all types of surfaces- ropes, bars, rings, buckets, etc. The Velcro wrist straps hold tight to keep gloves on while climbing, but the fingerless design allows for free movement and grip on small holds. Using the gloves while training helps to prolong sessions by saving hands from callouses and injury.

Other teams you are a part of or sponsorships that you'd like to share or tell about?
I am a member of Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team (CTG is an up and coming race series) I am also on team OCRUnited which is home to some of the best racers in the state. Sponsorships include MinoTOR which is a premium sports beverage.

People can follow me where?
Instagram: @aj_samples Facebook: ajsamples (message me if you send a friend request so I know you are a person and not a spam bot!)


Safety Harbor, Florida

Photo by Luis Battistini | Gameface Media